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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

pre CNY announcement

Hello dearies from 2S08!
Please do not make me a lone soul blabbering as time goes by.

Deserted for quite some time,
it's time to get this blog going again.


I guess all those who went to the chalet had lots of fun yeah?

Here's one picture for you guys to save.

Credits to YVONNE's camera :)

My wish : to hold a gathering like that every year :) will it happen?

sounds like writing on my own blog.

alright, the purpose of today's visit is to remind you guys of a class gathering..

DATE: 31st Jan 09, Saturday

TIME: 1130 AM

VENUE: Heartland Mall, outside KFC

PROGRAMME: CNY visit to houses of Mr Lim, Mr Kwek and then Mdm Tang.

Next, a steamboat reunion dinner at bugis, to satisfy Yvonne's craving :)

THINGS TO BRING: Oranges and empty red packets for the adults :)

That's all..

Please confirm your attendance!



Friday, June 13, 2008

wonderful class.

Thanks Sarah for taking the initiative to Host the Blog!(:

feelings STRESS? SAD? HAPPY? juz blog! (:

i LOVE all members of 2S08

my DEAREST 2s08 (:

ur cutest* CTrep~ haha!


Tuesday, May 6, 2008

first post

Hi 2S08!

we will be giving out the password and user names to you once school reopens!

This blog will serve as an announcement board from now on!

All of us are encouraged to blog about our feelings and thoughts after every class event!

Memories are most beautiful if we share them.